Through its network of Ambassadors for Peace, UPF carries out a broad range of initiatives and projects

Peace Initiatives

The Universal Peace Federation carries out regional peace initiatives in the Middle East, Northeast Asia, South Asia, and Latin America Additional initiatives include the Bering Strait Project and advancing the UN Millennium Development Goals. As an "Abel UN" it advocates an interreligious council at the United Nations. Initiatives also include Youth and Sports as well as Arts and Culture.


With a comprehensive vision of human development that includes the individual, family, community, nation, and world, the Universal Peace Federation offers Peace Education and Character Education.

The Universal Peace Federation sponsors Global Peace Festivals. It holds assemblies, conferences, and meetings on all levels, including global, regional, national, and local.

Service Partners

As people work together for the greater good alongside those of other cultures, religions, and national origins, they come to see each other as members of the global human family. In partnership with Religious Youth Service (RYS) and the International Relief Friendship Foundation (IRFF), UPF promotes experiential learning and training in leadership development, good citizenship, and peacemaking.

Resources has developed an extensive Bookstore, Multilingual flyers, Email Newsletter, and has links to UPTV, and the New World Encyclopedia.

Media and Publications

The Media Library has the best 50 UPF videos and 15 flash slide shows. Current and archived copies of UPF Today magazine are also available in Chinese, French, English, Russian, and Spanish.

Regions & National Chapters

Regions and dues-paying members of UPF International




Pourquoi la FPU a-t-elle été fondée ?


La Fédération pour la paix universelle (FPU) est une alliance internationale de personnes et d’organisations résolues à bâtir un monde de paix,
où chacun pourra vivre libre, dans une coopération harmonieuse avec les autres, et où la prospérité sera équitablement partagée.


  • Le renouveau des Nations unies
  • Des partenariats entre les gouvernements, les religions et la société civile pour stimuler un développement qui s’appuie sur des valeurs universelles
  • Une culture de la paix par l’éducation, les sports, les arts, la presse et le bénévolat
  • Un cadre pour la cooperation entre les religions
  • La prévention et la résolution des conflits
  • Une vie de famille solide et chaleureuse comme contribution personnelle à la paix
  • L’éducation du caractère tout au long de la vie
  • L’humanité : une famille unie en Dieu (One Family Under God™)


Dépliant sur la FPU




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Doter les Nations unies d’un conseil interreligieux : l’idée paraissait incongrue voilà quelques années. Pourquoi donc associer les puissances spirituelles aux États pour rechercher la paix ? Or l’actualité montre bien qu’il ne s’agit pas d’un gadget.

J’ai un grand espoir pour le Paraguay et pour toute l’Amérique latine. Je trouve dans ce pays un élan encourageant pour définir une nouvelle frontière, en finir avec les vieilles pratiques, et ouvrir une nouvelle page : je sens que si l’hémisphère occidental peut s’unir, il montrera au monde un modèle d’égalité, de liberté et de dignité qui viennent de notre Père céleste éternel.

Au cœur de la « voie du thé », il y a « l’esprit de paix ». L’esprit et l’enseignement de la voie du thé se résument dans les quatre caractères chinois :

La FPU a un schéma directeur pour construire la paix : c’est de mettre ensemble les deux parties en conflit pour les inciter à poser des actes réels et concrets de réconciliation. 

UPF Today: May 2008

English (PDF)
Español (PDF)
中国 (PDF)

Table of Contents

  • A Day for Peace in Kenya, by Frederick Wakhisi
  • We Have Been Highly Enlightened, by Mrs. Neerja Mehta
  • Working for Reconciliation and Forgiveness, by Geoffrey Gichuki
  • Coming Together out of Love for Africa, by Gail Paine
  • ILC in Paraguay: A Call for Development and Peace in the Americas, by Dr. Thomas G. Walsh
  • One Family Under God, by Dr. Hyun Jin Moon
  • World Leaders Pledge Peace at Seoul Summit, by Michael Balcomb
  • Peace in the Pacific Rim, by H.E. Ham Lini
  • Peace Knows No Borders, by H.E. Mama Salma J. Kikwete
  • Charting a Course for Peace, by Mrs. Andrée Lahoud
  • Taking Peace Principles to Iraq, by David Mikho
  • Peacemakers for Sacred Healing, by Linda Cornier, Brenda Miller and Caroline Betancourt
  • The Way of Tea, by Tomiko Duggan
  • N.P. Jain: A Lovable Ambassador of Peace, by Nidhi Shah

UPF Today: March 2008

English (PDF)
Français (PDF)
Español (PDF)

Table of Contents

  • Global Peace Festivals
    Philippines: A Grand Festival Day by Aya Goto.
  • The Golden Rule as a Global Ethic by Hon. Jose de Venecia, Jr.
    Benin by Paterne Sosie Lin Zinsou
  • Nepal - New Level of Cooperation, by Dr. Robert S. Kittel
  • Sierra Leone - Toward Good Governance, by John D.S. Samura
  • Japan - UN Reform a Must, Says Former UN Official, by Hiroshi Yamazaki
  • Belgium - Promoting Cooperation among Religions, by Sardar Muhammad Tahir Tabassum
  • India - A Spiritual Paradigm Shift, by Shrivatsa Goswami
  • Widespread Interest in UPF’s Character Education Initiative and “Discovering the Real Me”, by June Saunders
  • Italian Youth Make Israeli and Palestinian Friends, by Hod Ben Zvi
  • Peru - Holiday Support for Earthquake Survivors, by Trevor Jones
  • USA and Latin America - Toward an Alliance for Peace, by Dr. Antonio Betancourt

UPF Today: November / December 2007

English (PDF)
Français (PDF)
Español (PDF)

Table of Contents

  • A Call for Fruitful Dialogue between the US and the UN, by Joy Pople
  • UPF Assembly 2007
    Commitment to the Rule of Law, by Hon. Michael Kaase Aondoakaa
    Peace Through Faith and Service, by Martin Luther King III
    Gender Issues in Africa, by Dr. J'Lein Gabrielle Liese
    In the Image of God, by Gen. Malimba Masheke
  • Alaska - My First Trip to Heaven, by Jonathan F. Pratt
  • Global Peace Festival
    United Kingdom - Click "Together We Can Make It Better, by Dr. Colin Turfus
  • United Kingdom - Conference on Sharing Our Values, by Raul Kamal
  • Religious Youth Service Projects
    Suriname - Young Leaders of All Faiths Serve Together, by Daniel Bessell
    Sri Lanka - Responding to the Unrest, by Daniel Bessell
    Cote d'Ivoire - Peacebuilding in the Interior, by Daniel Bessell
  • Israel - Druze Leaders Attend International Leadership Conference, by Dr. Thomas G. Walsh
  • In Memoriam - Laxmi Mall Singhvi, by Dr. Nandlal Jotwani

UPF Today: September / October 2007

English (PDF)
Français (PDF)

Table of Contents

  • Promoting Good Character
    Belize - Experiencing a Different World, by Diana Santelli
    St. Lucia & St. Vincent - Service from the Heart, by Sally Sayre
    Philippines - Educators' Workshop, by UPF-Philippines
  • Micronesia - Changing Attitudes, by Michael Treacy
  • Sri Lanka - Leadership Conference Focuses on Good Governance, by Dr. Robert Kittel
  • Western Secularism and Islamic Revival, by Dinesh D'Souza
  • Examples of Faith-Based Diplomacy, by Douglas M. Johnston
  • Call up a Friend, Dr. Ghazi Tayyeb
  • Build on a Foundation of Dialogue, Father Melhem Haikal
  • Serbia - Peace Cantana Premieres in Belgrade, by David Eaton
  • New Peace Councils Launched
    Albania - Hope for the Future, by UPF-Albania
    Benin - Need for Stability, by UPF-Benin
    Germany - Focus on Key National Issues, by UPF-Germany
  • Guiding Principles of Ambassadors for Peace
  • Japanese Peace Ambassadors Visit Liberian President, from The Analyst, Monrovia



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