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ELC Brussels Décembre 2012

Parlement Européen

Le rôle de l’Europe au niveau des droits de l’homme

La Fédération pour la Paix universelle (FPU) en collaboration avec la Fédération des Femmes pour la Paix mondiale (FFPM) et le Comité Économique et Social Européen (CESE) a organisé une Conférence Européenne pour Dirigeants sur le thème « Le rôle de l’Europe au niveau des droits de l’homme » les mardi 4 et mercredi 5 décembre 2012 à Bruxelles.

Dr Aaron Rhodes

The European Union, European Citizens and Human Rights

The European Union is often criticized by people like me for a wide range of alleged policy and administrative failures regarding human rights.  Today, however, I would like to use this opportunity to attest to the importance of Europe’s role in promoting and protecting human rights, which I can do on the basis of my own experience and reflection.

Tobias Troll

Learning to Live Together: children’s rights, identities and citizenship

The UN Convention  on the Rights of the Child (United  Nations  1989, CRC) is a binding international  contract in the framework of the United Nations, and thus obliges legally the ratifying  nations  – indeed  all UN  members  besides  the  United  States  and  Somalia  – to implement  its  provisions.  This  is a mayor  milestone  to  recognise  children,  i.e.  everyone under  the  age  of  18,  as  citizens  with  human  rights,  and  consequently  responsibilities. Through  this  convention,  children  are  conceived  as subjects  of society  – like  all human beings  – and  not anymore  as mere  objects  of protection  (Verhellen  2000).

Illario Esposito

Youth in the Council of Europe

Ms. Illario Esposito, member of the Council of Europe Advisory Council on Youth and Trainer in Human Rights Education, first showed a video about the Advisory Council on Youth for the Council of Europe dealing with human rights (see She explained that In terms of human rights education, the Council of Europe speaks about all the issues that young people are facing today.


Bogdan Pammer

Exploring Global Citizenship

Mr. Bogdan Pammer, Youth Director of UPF – Europe, spoke on the issue of how the UPF youth committees around Europe are dealing with these issues. He first quoted the so-called Böckenförde-dictum: “The liberal secular state lives on premises that it cannot itself guarantee”.

Dr Yong Cheon Song

What More can Europe do to Improve Human Rights?

Distinguished guests, Ambassadors for Peace, Ladies & Gentlemen! As Chair of Universal Peace Federation in Europe, it is truly an honour and a privilege to be able to extend a warm welcome to you all to the European Economic and Social Committee here in Brussels and to our European Leadership Conference on the theme “What more can Europe do to improve Human Rights?”

I am deeply grateful to you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to be with us here this morning and to the E.E.S.C. for acting as co-hosts of this conference and for welcoming us here to their magnificent building!