Prof. Akiko YamanakaPolitical dynamics in the international arena have changed radically since the end of the cold war. Both developed and developing countries need to establish a new security framework in order to fulfill their roles as leading members of a peaceful world community.

After the cold war, the international landscape has been extensively marked by increasing ethnic and religious conflicts, drugs, terrorism, a proliferation in weapons of mass destruction in certain countries and the prevalence of new disease. In addition to these global issues, newly tangible phenomena such as pirates, oil spills, the financial crash, cyber terrorism and natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, droughts, floods, forest fires, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, typhoon as well as the scramble for natural resources can jeopardize peace and stability at anytime, anywhere on the earth.

Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali

Excellences, Mesdames, Messieurs,

Je souhaiterais, avant toute chose, vous dire, combien je regrette de ne pouvoir être à Paris, aujourd’hui, pour partager avec vous tous ici réunis, Délégations des Etats-membres et ONG une vision nouvelle pour la paix.

Mrs. Carolyn Handschin-MoserPrésentation de Mme carolyn Handschin, Présidente de la Fédération des Femmes Pour la Paix Mondiale en Europe.

Ms. Sabine Le BlancThe feminine does not amount only to the female sex. It is one of our psychic poles (together with the masculine), peculiar to men as well as to women. It has been associated for a long time with women only. The feminine has suffered from a certain contempt, the price of which the Western world has not fin- ished paying. It starts becoming aware of that, right in the middle of the present global crisis.

Ms. Sabine Le BlancLe féminin ne se réduit pas au sexe féminin ; il est un de nos pôles psychiques (avec le masculin), propre aux hommes comme aux femmes. Longtemps associé aux seules femmes, le féminin a pâti d’un certain mépris dont l’Occident n’a pas fini de faire les frais. Il commence à en prendre conscience, au beau milieu de cette crise mondiale.

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