Mr. Ranjit SinghBonjour à vous, et je tiens à vous saluer par la salutation traditionnelle Sikh :

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh, qui signifie « au Seigneur Suprême appartient le Khalsa, toute victoire lui revient. »

Mr. Laurent LadouceThe United Nations, having the goal of world peace, made development a priority and created the United Nations Development Program. The UNDP conducted development programs and research worldwide for several decades; its expertise commands respect and humility. Yet, the UNDP itself often revised drastically its own approach of development; its own literature contains much self-criticism. It will surely continue to do so. The Universal Peace Federation offers constructive insights in this ongoing debate.

Admiral Jean DufourcqChacun voit bien que dans l’Occident prospère et à sa périphérie, les États sont en règle les uns avec les autres ; ils ne se menacent plus de guerres, de batailles ou de représailles militaires plus ou moins massives. Mais la fin de la guerre n’a pas été la paix.

Amb. Dr. Walther LichemThe recent decades have been marked by a continued decrease in interstate conflicts and wars. Yet at the same time new challenges on our security agenda have emerged which are related to processes of intra-societal disintegration. These societal challenges and the related lack of security, rule of law and of a public sense of common purpose have, however, not yet been fully addressed in national and international policies and programmes of action.

Imam Dr. Abduljalil Sajid JPHuman Development occurs all the time that a person is alive in any nation or culture. Although it is believed that the issues of development are more relevant for those who are considered to be “less developed”. The Muslim world are the second largest in the world covering mainly 1.8 Billion Muslims but torn between forces of traditionalism and modernity. Some Muslim countries are in transition due to rise of Arab spring recently. Islamic culture is very rich as it has made a very valuable contribution in human development in science and better understanding of our world.

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