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Creating a Flash Photo Slideshow with JetStudio

A simple, intuitive way to optimize your photos and create a display a series of images on your computer screen or website. 

1. Download free JetPhoto Studio software from and install it on your computer. 

(From the publisher: )

For PC

For Mac 


2. Create a file folder with the name of your event or theme and put photo files in the folder. The photos must have a .jpg extension, and the names can contain only letters and numbers. 

3. Open JetPhoto Studio, click on <file> in the JetPhoto Studio menu bar on the top of your screen and on the drop-down menu click on <Convert photo to album>. Find the folder you created in the window and click on it. 

4. Photos will appear as thumbnails. Click on <Detail> on the menu at the top of your JetPhoto Studio window to see a large view of an individual photo; decide if you want to use it and if it needs editing. You can use the drop-down options on the <Image Process> menu, including <Crop> to eliminate distracting elements of the image, <Auto Enhance Image> for one-step optimizing, and <Adjust Image> for customizing color balance and contrast. Move through the sequence of photos with the arrow keys on the top left of the window JetPhoto Studio window. 

5. Click on the <Thumbnails> option on the top of the JetPhoto Studiowindow to see small images. Delete images you don’t want by clicking on them and using Ctrl/Cmd+Delete. Click on any image you want to move, and drag and drop it into the desired location. With the thumbnail view open, you can drag and drop photos from elsewhere in the computer into the your show. Switch back and forth between the <Detail> and <Thumbnail> views until you have the images you want in the sequence you want. 

6. To make a flash show of images rotating in sequence at 3-minute intervals, make sure no image is highlighted. On the JetPhoto Pro menu bar, click on <Create & Share> and choose <Make Flash Menu> from the pull-down menu. It will create a flash show on your desktop. Click on the <Preview> option to check your show. If you want to make further changes, repeat the above steps. The are other options, such as uploading the show to Flickr. 

7. Find the slide show on your desktop and click on it. It may open automatically if you have Quicktime, Macromedia, or Flash. If it does not play, download a free FLV Player from 

8. You can show people the flash show on your computer screen, email it, and load it to your website. 

9. Have fun!