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Initiatives, éducation…

Through its network of Ambassadors for Peace, UPF carries out a broad range of initiatives and projects

Peace Initiatives

The Universal Peace Federation carries out regional peace initiatives in the Middle East, Northeast Asia, South Asia, and Latin America Additional initiatives include the Bering Strait Project and advancing the UN Millennium Development Goals. As an “Abel UN” it advocates an interreligious council at the United Nations. Initiatives also include Youth and Sports as well as Arts and Culture.


With a comprehensive vision of human development that includes the individual, family, community, nation, and world, the Universal Peace Federation offers Peace Education and Character Education.

The Universal Peace Federation sponsors Global Peace Festivals. It holds assemblies, conferences, and meetings on all levels, including global, regional, national, and local.

Service Partners

As people work together for the greater good alongside those of other cultures, religions, and national origins, they come to see each other as members of the global human family. In partnership with Religious Youth Service (RYS) and the International Relief Friendship Foundation (IRFF), UPF promotes experiential learning and training in leadership development, good citizenship, and peacemaking.

Resources has developed an extensive Bookstore, Multilingual flyers, Email Newsletter, and has links to UPTV, and the New World Encyclopedia.

Media and Publications

The Media Library has the best 50 UPF videos and 15 flash slide shows. Current and archived copies of UPF Today magazine are also available in Chinese, French, English, Russian, and Spanish.

Regions & National Chapters

Regions and dues-paying members of UPF International