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Steps to Add an Article


  1. Receive prepared article for website
  2. Images
    1. Resize images using your favorite image editor
    2. Upload into the Media Manager
  3. Create new article in Joomla
  4. Add Title (recommended 37 character limit)
  5. Select Section and Category
  6. Remove text formatting [Recommended step – helps with style formatting by stripping unnecessary formatting]
    1. Copy and paste article text into an ASCII Text editor (if not already) to remove formatting
    2. Copy and paste from text editor into Joomla Editor
  7. Apply web styles to the article (headers, font size, etc)
  8. Add images
  9. Add More and Page Breaks
  10. Select “yes” for frontpage if article is to be seen on the frontpage
  11. Add a Meta-tag Keyword
    1. For use with the Related / Additional Article Module (Keywords must be consistent for this module to work correctly)
    2. For website search engines
  12. Save
  13. View and check that your article is correct