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The Frontpage


Part 1

Built in Front Page Options

The Front Page is unique in Joomla, you can make layout changes by going into the main menu and clicking on the “Home” entry.

NOTE: Do not delete the Home entry, or make another entry default. Keep it as the first item on the main menu.



Below are the settings fror Parameters – Basic section on the right.

  1. Leading: The Number of Articles to display as a leading article, this will use the full width of the content area on the front page
  2. Intro: Additional articles that come after the Leading article(s). These do not necessarily take the full width of the content area (width set by columns)
  3. Columns: This will set how many columns are used for the Intro Articles, ie determines width of intro articles.
  4. Links: Number of articles to display as links



As you can see below I have 1 Leading article, 2 intro articles in 2columns, and 2 linked articles.


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