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Video Plugin – Mgmedia

Videos, mgmediabot2 Plugin

To get videos to play as on the UPF international site:
First prepare your video for web streaming (recommended Flash FLV format).
Upload your video onto your server via the media manager or FTP.
Use the mgmediabot2 plugin to show the video (explained below)



To play a Flash movie to play within an article use the following code below in your article:



overstretch=false|title=test title|autoplay=false|image=images/tutorials/video194.jpg{/mgmediatut}

Note: this is one line
If the editor adds HTML code to your plugin line the video will NOT play! Make sure there is no html embedded in the plugin code.

Inserting the above into an article displays:

{mgmediabot2}path=images/tutorials/194.flv|width=480|height=400|displayheight=360|overstretch=false|title=test title|autoplay=false|image=images/tutorials/video194.jpg{/mgmediabot2}


The plugin code:

{mgmediatut} and {/mgmediatut} are the start and end tags of the plugin.


The plugin uses the pipe character “|” (usually above the enter key as “shift-\” in a qwerty keyboard) to separate parameters.

path: the path to your movie (can be offsite, eg http://www.somedomain/movie.flv)
width: width of player
height: height of player
displayheight: video play area within the player (extra space is devoted to the player controls), if displayheight is equal to the height, the play controls will be shown over the video.
overstretch: determines behavior of height/width proportions (I found false to be best)
title: title
autoplay: if true, video will play automatically, false will not play the video automatically
image: path to image which is shown before the video is played, otherwise will show black background with a play button


If displayheight = height

overstretch=false|title=test title|autoplay=false|image=images/tutorials/video194.jpg{/mgmediatut}

{mgmediabot2}path=images/tutorials/194.flv|width=480|height=400|displayheight=400|overstretch=false|title=test title|autoplay=false|image=images/tutorials/video194.jpg{/mgmediabot2}


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