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Youth in the Council of Europe

Illario EspositoMs. Illario Esposito, member of the Council of Europe Advisory Council on Youth and Trainer in Human Rights Education, first showed a video about the Advisory Council on Youth for the Council of Europe dealing with human rights (see She explained that In terms of human rights education, the Council of Europe speaks about all the issues that young people are facing today.

This video attempts to link the grass roots work with the decision making authorities, in order to improve the lives of young people, using a rights based approach. Young people elected by NGOs contribute to the decisions made in the Council of Europe. In some countries there are youth councils which are recognized by the member states. This contributes to the right to participation of young people. “Living, learning, acting for human rights” is a program currently under way. There is also a program on intercultural dialogue, which includes a Roma youth action plan.

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